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Uptimerô Production Monitoring Systems




Monitor Your Plant in Real-Time:
    The software displays the production status of up to 12 machines on your PC screen.  The representation below illustrates typical machines from a variety of factories.  Each box is an Uptimer unit monitoring one machine.

    Fill in the blank configuration.  Print reports and graphs automatically.  The color coded Status Screen gives you and at-a-glance opportunity to see how all of your machines are running at that moment.  And if one happens to be down, the reason will be displayed right there on your computer screen.








3 levels of Uptimer software:

  • Level 1 - 8 reports options.  5 time periods for data collection
  • Level 2 - 8 user defined reports.  6 time periods for data collection.  Report by Shift, Crew or Employee.  ASCII output.
  • Level 3 - Everything from Level 2, plus a versatile graphs module















Optional Uptimer Hardware:

  • Bar Code Wand for entering your jobs
  • External Reader Board for displaying production data and messages throughout your entire facility.
















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